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Status Quo – Book 6

The latest Nick Borman installment will be available soon on Amazon. Status Quo, Book 6 in the series, will be available August 1, 2020.

As in other Nick Borman episodes, I narrate the story from both sides of the coin and then bring it all to a conclusion in the final act.

The story begins with a suspicious death. The victim, Gordon Atkins, was an advisor to the President. When Borman gets a call to investigate the possible murder, his investigation unveils a few likely suspects, but in the process, Nick is confronted with a few puzzling and disturbing issues:

  • An Air Force base near a small city with a disturbingly high accidental death rate.

  • A Base Commander who doesn’t appreciate outside interference.

  • Missing weapons from the base and an illegal gun trade.

  • And finally: A plot that could plunge America into a major conflict which could set off World War III

Nobody likes spoilers, so I won’t say more, but I will say this one took much longer to write than the previous books. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it.

Stay safe, enjoy a good book, and spread the word.

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