New Release

There’s a new member in the Borman Family. He’s called The Patriot.

Here’s the blurb from his page on Amazon:

When a series of explosions threatens to choke off the oil supply to the nation, Nick Borman is under pressure to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

The United States is the #1 producer in the world, and most that oil comes out of the wells in Texas. In early September, an organized group starts detonating bombs on oil properties in a random pattern. The Oil Producers Consortium of Texas (OPCOT) wants Borman to find the perpetrators and put a stop to it. They want it done quickly and they want it done quietly.

But when the bombings escalate and fear of a gas shortage starts to spread, Americans want the President to get involved. They prefer another war to ever rising gas prices.

Caught up in clashing agendas, and facing an unknown enemy that represents danger beyond measure, Borman faces an almost impossible task.  But Borman won’t stop – he’ll chase every lead he can find until he can dish out his special brand of justice.

This compulsive thriller sets Borman against an unknown threat – but in a battle such as this, relying on experience is the best strategy he could have.

The Patriot is the fourth installment in the Nick Borman series.

The Patriot is available exclusively on Amazon

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