Status Quo strip

Nick Borman #6 available now

A devious plot to start a war..

A special assistant to the President with access to the nation’s greatest secrets turns up dead, his body discarded as if it had no value.

It’s Borman’s job to find out what happened. Was it an accident or was it murder? If foul play was involved, who ordered the assassination?

Borman doesn’t have much to go on except a name penciled in the margin of a newspaper. The name brings him to a small city with a disturbingly high accidental death rate and locals who don’t appreciate outside interference..

..and missing weapons, and an illegal gun trade.

Borman thinks he’s found the reason why the special assistant was killed, but another suspicious death occurs, and that changes everything..

The paperback version coming soon, but the ebook is available now, on Amazon. Status Quo, a conspiracy thriller.

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