Borman Factor Update

There’s a lot of debate among authors about what’s best to do. Should you go back and revise that first book or should you just keep writing the next one.

Some say not to worry about it. It was your first book, it’s not supposed to be your best.

Well, that’s true, and I bought into that for some time. But that line of thought comes at a price. Many readers like to start with the first book in a series and read them all in order.

And if that first book has too many rough edges, they might put it down before finishing it.

Even if they finish it, they might not read the next one or any of your other books because they thought that first one was just, meh..

That’s not good.

So I took the time to revise it. I didn’t change the story—other than one review, most people said they liked it.

Yes, I could’ve finished the next book in the series and have it out already. At the moment, I’m about three quarters of the way through it. I could’ve had it out by now and be working on the next one.

But that’s not fair to future readers who will buy that first book and be disappointed. It might’ve been the best I could do at the time, but it isn’t the best I can do now. It’s also not fair to me, because I’d keep losing potential fans for my series.

If you’ve skipped over The Borman Factor, you might want to take a look at it again. It’s even got a new cover.  That’s just the eBook—I haven’t revised the paperback yet. That’s a more involved process and frankly, the large majority of readers buy eBooks these days. At least for fiction, like The Nick Borman series.

The next Nick Borman novel should be out June 1, 2020. Its working title is Aether’s Spear. I tend to change my mind about titles a lot between the time I start writing a book and the time I finish it … so it might be called something else by the time it gets published.

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