Nick Borman Crime Thrillers (6 Book Series)


Borman Factor front cover

US Military Intelligence trained him. Now he runs Trident Inc.

A client asks for Nick’s help with an unsolved case. His son-in-law was murdered and the client suspects there’s been a cover up to protect some powerful individual.

Borman learns there were no witnesses and the trail has gone cold. When he takes up the investigation, a ruthless killer sends a not-so-subtle message … and it gets personal.

Excerpt from a Reader’s Favorite review: “… a compelling read by Robert Lalonde, a well-crafted detective story that will grab the attention of fans of Robert Ludlum and Lee Child…”

Join Nick Borman in this action-packed race to take down one of the most ruthless men alive.

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Cover for novel Jinxed by Robert Lalonde

“… a really good crime thriller.”

Shelton Montgomery is on the cover of Time Magazine. They’re saying he’s going to be the next President of the United States.

But all’s not well. Someone is trying to sabotage his life and his business and key employees are suddenly having accidents under suspicious circumstances. Shelton’s wondering who’s going to be next.

Borman goes to Burlington to meet with Shelton, but he’s not sure he wants to get involved. Politics can be nasty business.

But when someone tries to run him and Alex off a roadside cliff to send a message, the decision is made for him.

Excerpt from a reader’s review: “… fast-paced, and slick. If you blink, you’ll miss an important twist…”

He’s never run away from trouble and he’s not going to start now..

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Cover for novel Web of Deceit by Robert Lalonde

Borman’s investigations have dragged him deep into a world of greed, politics and murder.

Then it happened, the thing he feared most … someone close to him lost their life because of what he does for a living.

Donald Flynn ran covert ops for the FBI and sometimes as a favor for rich and powerful friends. Mysterious accidents and missing persons were a guaranteed solution to many problems—except when things went sideways. Like the last one…

…now he needs to clean up the loose ends.

Borman wants to take Flynn down and expose him for who he really is. Can one man make a difference and bring the rich and powerful to justice?

Excerpt from a reader’s review: “… A real page-turner of a thriller. Nick embarks on an elaborate sting operation that echoes the finesses and style of the original Robert Redford film, The Sting …”

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Cover for novel The Patriot by Robert Lalonde

Turning a corrupt Congressman is cheaper than you think. Now, America must pay the price.

The United States is the #1 oil producer in the world, and most of that oil comes out of the wells in Texas. In early September, an organized group starts detonating bombs on oil properties in a random pattern. The Oil Producers Consortium of Texas (OPCOT) wants Borman to find the terrorists and put a stop to it. They want it to stop NOW.

Americans want the President to get involved. They’d prefer another war to ever rising gas prices.

Borman faces an almost impossible task, but he’ll chase every lead he can find until he can dish out his own special brand of justice.

This compulsive thriller sets Borman against an unknown threat. Can he solve the puzzle and stop the bombings..

Excerpt from a reader’s review: “… intriguing, realistic, fast-paced crime thriller. You don’t realize who is being manipulated and who are the manipulators until the end …”

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Cover for novel Shadow Brokers by Robert Lalonde

The pigs at the trough are addicted to money and will do anything to get more..

The client said he’d never seen her before. Yet there she was, in his hotel room. Borman figured she’d been dead for several hours.

His client, O’Connor, said he was going to put an end to the cronyism and backroom deals that sucked billions out of the economy and gave nothing in return. That didn’t sit well with some people.

They wanted him out of the way and a murder rap would do it.

Borman was there to protect him, but what could he do to get O’Connor out of this mess?

And even if he managed to clean this up, would they try again?

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Cover for novel Status Quo by Robert Lalonde

A devious plot to start a war..

A special assistant to the President with access to the nation’s greatest secrets turns up dead, his body discarded as if it had no value.

It’s Borman’s job to find out what happened. Was it an accident or was it murder? If foul play was involved, who ordered the assassination?

Borman doesn’t have much to go on except a name penciled in the margin of a newspaper. The name brings him to a small city with a disturbingly high accidental death rate and locals who don’t appreciate outside interference..

..and missing weapons and an illegal gun trade.

Borman thinks he’s found the reason why the special assistant was killed, but another suspicious death occurs, and that changes everything..

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Reeves & Blake Thrillers

(Two Book Series)

Cover for Book Life of Evil by Robert Lalonde

PI Frank Reeves suspects he’s being targeted by someone from his past with an axe to grind. He’s reported it to the police, but they have more important matters to deal with.

A serial killer is prowling the streets and killing prostitutes. Reeves thinks there might be a connection with what’s happening to him.

The bad publicity is hurting his business and Reeves needs to find out who’s behind the scheme. He can think of two perps from his past. Now he needs to find them and see if one of them is responsible.

Then his secretary, Sam, is targeted and things go from bad to worse…

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Cover for book Bad Rap by Robert Lalonde

It started as a missing person case.

Rap artist, Bobby Lopez, aka Da Bess, likes to go binge drinking for a few days after recording a new CD or at the end of a tour. He’s been on a binge for eight days this time, so his wife, Raina, hired Reeves to find Bobby and bring him home.

It took Reeves one week, but he found him—dead, with his tongue cut out.

The mutilation leads police to think it was a crime of passion, and Raina is their main suspect. The cops are convinced she’s guilty and they’re building a case against her.

The clock is ticking and Raina’s freedom is on the line. Reeves has to find the killer before his client gets sent to jail, or she may never get out.

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Standalone Novels


Cover for Shoot or Die by Robert Lalonde

A professional killer who leaves no loose ends..

..the young couple who can identify him.

Tommy D is a hit man with an impeccable record. When he’s asked to take Mickey Starr under his wing and show him the ropes, he knows it’s a bad idea. The kid is a wild cannon and an ex- con – but the guy who’s asking for the favor isn’t someone you can say no to … unless you’re tired of living.

Mickey has a job lined up and it should be a piece of cake, but the job is foiled when an innocent couple mistakenly gets caught up in their plans. Tommy has never been caught, and plans to keep it that way. The young couple must be found and silenced.

Jennifer and Ryan want to do the right thing and help the cops solve a crime, but they’ve been pulled into something they were not prepared to deal with. Can a young couple survive being hunted by two psychopathic killers?

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Cover for book Taking Candy by Robert Lalonde

It was so easy. Like Taking Candy…

A rash of home invasions with no survivors.

A senior district judge ambushed and gunned down in his car.

Two detectives, each working their own cases, have one thing in common. They think they know who the perp is, but they can’t prove it.

How are they going to stop him?

And as more time passes, one thing becomes obvious:

Somebody is going to have to step up and do something about it.

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Cover for ELH diet by Robert Lalonde


The Easy Way to be Lean and Healthy.

The ELH Diet is the diet I used to lose twenty percent of my body weight quickly, and I have kept that weight off for seven years now.

No going without food and no unhealthy weight-loss supplements.

This is a clean foods, low carb approach that works quickly because we implement the changes in diet quickly.

The ELH Diet works and it’s a diet you can to stick to long term. You will lose weight quickly and you WILL be able to keep it off with this common sense approach to weight loss.

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